Terms of Service

The use of this product by organizations is subject to an annual licence. Organizations are then able to use the product features in any way they see fit.

The responsibilities of the provider of Taonova, are:

  • Support for users of the product, including IT teams, end users, and software users with administrator roles
  • Provisioning and maintenance of the product, including product enhancements and fixes
  • Product deployment, set-up and data management, including back up of data and data security*

The responsibilities of organizations using Taonova are:

  • Pay the software licensing fee after a suitable, agreed upon, trial period
  • If using an on-premise installation, provide administrator access for a suitable server to Taonova
  • This software and associated services are provided "as is" and, although every reasonable effort will be made to serve the interests of the organizations that use it, we cannot guarantee the following:
    • Issue free software at all times (particularly after new feature additions)
    • Data security and integrity
    • Response to support requests within a set timeframe
    • The service being continually available without interruption

* In the unlikely event of catastrophic data loss, where the data cannot be restored from a backup managed by Taonova, there is no recourse. For this reason, we recommend organizations that host on-premise software installations to make regular backups of their Taonova server(s).

Taonova will accept no financial or any other legal responsibility for data loss or service outage, no matter what the reason is behind that loss/outage. We will, however, do our best to work with the organization concerned to recity matters, if there is anything that can be done (within reason).