Your Privacy

Our website and software uses cookies and local storage, meaning information is stored on the device that you use to access the site. In particular, information that allows you to stay signed in is being stored. So, if you are using a shared computer, make sure you sign out when you have finished using the site. Your login information is protected by a secure connection and industry-standard encryption techniques, but there is no protection if you leave your account signed in. Login appStates on Standbench are very long-lived for user convenience, but there is the corresponding security concern of leaving your data exposed to tampering/deletion if you forget to sign out on a shared computer.

Your email address is required for account creation, but that is the only time your email address will be used by the Taonova software or by employees of Taonova. We will not email you*, nor will we share your email address, or any other information, with any third party without your consent (except if constrained to by law enforcement agencies).

If you use this application to access data from third-party services (e.g. Google Drive, Sharepoint), please be aware that this application uses read-only access to those services and the data returned to Taonova through API calls is used transparently; i.e. if you can't see clearly what the application is doing with your data, it isn't doing anything with your data. The extent to which data returned from third-party services is used by Taonova is to quickly and conveniently create links to cloud-hosted files and folders when editing your curriculum information.

Your privacy is very important to us. If you think it is being compromised by this software, in any way, please contact us at

* Except when:
you use the "Forgot password" feature
you, as an admin user, opt in to the daily email digest of curriculum maintenance requests
you opt in to email notifications for various events