Learner led realized.

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From rigid silos to learner agency

Taonova makes the journey possible.

Individual schedules

Real ones. Not based on classes but on learners' daily choices.

Individual profiles

Key data for all learners and teachers in clutter-free dashboards.

Easy to Use

Everything has been designed to reduce necessary screen time.

Curriculum access

Learners, teachers, parents and admin can access the whole curriculum.

Making learner-led possible

Plenty of people talk about doing education differently, but the logistics are always just too hard.

Why Taonova?


Taonova does what no other system does.

It allows any individual learner or teacher in a school to operate at the appropriate place on a spectrum that stretches from fully scheduled to completely self-directed.

It allows for true competency progression that transcends any test, unit, class or course.

It allows learners to co-construct curriculum, with teachers as mentors and every learner's path unique.

And, in all of this, rigor is maintained through robust progress monitoring and evidence collection.


We believe everyone's time is precious.

Taonova should adapt to people's needs, not the other way around.

It should let everyone get on with their work (with a force multiplier) then get out of the way.

It should also work invisibly to make sense of the data entered, reusing every piece possible to make the system anticipate your needs. Data should be entered once then be viewed and used in myriad ways.


Our products are made by teachers for teachers.

Our product is designed by an vice principal in a K-12 international school.

This software is developed in response to real needs in a real school. Only features that truly enhance productivity find their way into Taonova.


We believe in the future of learner-led education.

Everyone talks about the ideal, but so few schools are reaching it.

We are not growing kids for tests and exams, we are growing them for a creative new world.

Some guy on youtube said it was a good thing to do.


Curriculum made easy.

Standbench is the bedrock of learner-led education. It is the platform for housing, managing and sharing curriculum information.

The aim of Standbench is to minimize teacher workload around curriculum documentation and planning.

We could talk at length about the advantages Standbench brings to a school, but believe that the product speaks for itself.

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Personal schedules with no compromise.

MyTime is an ad hoc scheduling app. And a whole lot more.

As education strains towards self-directed learning, technology needs to help cut the ropes that hold it back.

MyTime is made for learners, teachers and mentors. It makes creating, re-creating and tracking individual schedules and learning pathways possible.

The Combined Suite

Learner-led education, the dream realised.

When you combine a well articulated curriculum with the power of ad hoc scheduling, you unlock the ability for learners to co-construct their own learning pathways.

Many schools want this to be a reality, but they need system support.

Taonova is the only system that makes it possible, because we make it easy.

Stop dreaming.
Start doing.

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